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Le Restaurant

The rustic open-air restaurant with adjoining bar offers a gourmet array of fresh seafood caught fresh from its own pond, alongside fresh vegetables from the nearby garden.

Guests can enjoy a variety of fish, oysters, crab and lobster prepared lovingly using local recipes. There is also a choice of vegetarian dishes available and mouth-watering desserts, including flambéed bananas.

The bar provides a great variety of refreshing drinks, including locally made rum, fine spirits, beer and wine. The rum cocktails and “rum arrangé”, a fruity rum punch, are in highly recommended by guests and local visitors alike.

À propos

LRT est un Tour Opérateur local qui s’est associé à WHL. Travel afin d’atteindre plus de personnes intéressées par les sites nature de l'île Maurice et de Rodrigues et de leur fournir une véritable expérience d’Écotourisme.



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